Posted by Ginny McGrath on May 17, 2021

Cites Various Trends and Provides 6 Key Suggestions

The ongoing pandemic has fundamentally changed our already strained healthcare industry. In the span of a year, healthcare providers have been forced to quickly adapt as COVID-19 continues to shift provider priorities as they search for agile approaches to deal with shrinking case volumes and declining revenue streams.

In a recent article that Alpha Source Group’s CEO, Al Klotsche, contributed to HealthCare Business News, Al offers his insights on how healthcare leaders are looking to the future to meet the challenge of this historic transformation that’s not only irreversible, but also continues to be unpredictable.

Al addresses a number of key trends and also provides a series of suggestions including:

  • Find the right partner
  • Make decisions that maximize value
  • Look for breadth & depth of services
  • Capture data; Monitor robustly
  • Check credentials
  • Outsourced service teams add value

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HealthcareBusiness News – Klotsche on Covid & Equipment Service