Coil Repair

When it comes to coil repair, BC Technical handles everything, including system testing, in house. Image testing your coil is the only way to determine that all issues have been resolved, and to ensure that your coil has been fixed and functions to OEM specifications. We value a quick product return and assured quality.

Ever drop a coil and break the housing, tear the foam covering, or snap off that little plastic bit? These sorts of accidents occur quite frequently. Sometimes those parts and pieces can’t be repaired and then they need to be ordered. We offer a loaner program so you can keep patients and revenue moving.

We are confident in our work, and offer one of the best warranty’s in the industry. The true test is your satisfaction. We’ll work with you and find the right solution.

Our Coil Repair Department specializes in diagnosing, testing, repairing and refurbishing the following:

  • 4, 8, and 12-Channel Coils
  • Hybrid Splitters
  • Head TR Switches
  • Multi-Coil Select Switches
  • Multi-Coil Enclosure Assemblies
  • Pre-amp Protection Modules
  • Cable Adapters
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Pre-amp Modules

BC Technical can also resurface and re-foam surface coils and cosmetically refurbish hard-shells and frames.

MRI Coil Repair

  • 1.0T/1.5T – Shoulder, Knee, Quad T&L, Wrist, Anterior Neck, Posterior Neck, Torso Array, 5” Circular, 3” Circular, General Purpose Flex, CTL, Body Coils
  • Phased Array – Knee, Breast, Pelvic .5T, Knee, TMJ, Lumbar, General Purpose Flex, Shoulder, CTL
  • 8-channel coils


Our Board Repair Department diagnoses and repairs circuit boards and assemblies related to CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT and NM systems.  We also repair the following:

  • CTVRC Modules
  • High Voltage Inverters
  • High Voltage Tanks

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