The Philips Brilliance 64 is one of the most advanced, powerful and versatile systems on the market today.  With its 64-channel configuration, this system is capable of handling cardiac, trauma, pulmonary and pediatric imaging applications.

The Brilliance 64 CT has four times the amount of detectors as a conventional multi-slice CT system.  With the Brilliance 64, you will receive not only great image quality, but you will experience remarkable speeds as well.  The Brilliance 64 can cover around 4 mm at a single pass in as fast as .4 seconds, and the patented MRC X-Ray tube helps eliminate waiting time between sequences.  This scanner produces sharp, detailed images of any organ you scan in only a few seconds, including 3D images.

The Philips Brilliance 64 will broaden your horizons in cardiac imaging.  The 64-slice configuration allows for breakthrough performance in advanced pulmonary imaging and multi-organ trauma evaluation.

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  • MRC X-Ray tube
  • DoseWise technology
  • 40 mm coverage
  • 3-D cone beam reconstruction
  • Spiral groove bearing
  • NanoPanel tile detectors
  • “Typical” installation
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Refurbished System


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