Pet owners today expect the same standard of care for their dogs, cats, horses, and exotics that they expect for themselves, which means offering advanced medical imaging has fast become a requirement for any full-service veterinary clinic or veterinary specialty hospital to stay competitive in the market.

You’re offering the same standard of care as a human hospital; you should expect the same standard of service for your medical imaging systems. Whether you need a full service contract on multiple units, technical training or clinical support for staff, magnet services on your MRI system, or equipment upgrades, BC Technical is here to help.

Unparalleled Service

BC Technical offers a significant savings over OEM service agreements, with the highest quality service possible. With BC Technical on your team, you will:

  • Minimize downtime with quick responses to service requests
  • Maximize productivity with ongoing preventative maintenance at times convenient for you
  • Benefit from some of the most experienced field service engineers in the industry
  • Enjoy in-house staff training and troubleshooting
  • Have access to one of the largest sources of new and refurbished medical imaging parts, at a lower cost, with the lowest DOA rate in the industry
  • Receive coverage on many different brands and systems from one single vendor, cutting vendor management time down considerably

Highest Quality Refurbished Systems

When it’s time to replace an old system or expand your imaging offerings, don’t break the bank with a brand new system. We can help you achieve a return on your investment two to three times faster with a quality refurbished system. Our “Black Diamond Certified” refurbishment program means you get a premium product without the premium price.  It’s just smart business.

Partner with BC Technical today. Contact us for more information on how we can help your veterinary hospital, and your patients, thrive.

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