The GE BrightSpeed 16 offers high resolution imaging at up to 0.35 mm isotropic at an optimized dose.  The scanner is equipped with HiLight Matrix Detectors as well as GE’s Volara Digital Acquisition System (DAS) that boosts processing power and reduces noise by 30% – 40%.  This system will provide you with high quality imaging across a wide range of clinical applications.

The BrightSpeed offers you a high powered scanner for multi-organ acquisition with sub-millimeter slice thickness and sub-second imaging.  It has been designed with the Performix tube that is enhanced with SmartTube technology that offers both improved longevity and reliability.

With the proven benefits of LightSpeed VCT technology inside, and a small footprint on the outside, the BrightSpeed Series benefits both practitioners and patients.  BrightSpeed maintains the optimal speed, power and resolution needed to aid in non-invasive diagnosis from colon cancer to cardiovascular disease.  Plus, by reducing the size of many gantry components, it fits in the same space as many single-slice systems.

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  • HiLight Matrix Detectors
  • Volara Digital Acquisition System
  • Performix 6.3 MHU tube w/ SmartTube Technology
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  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
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